10 Great Hobbies Every Man Should Try at Least Once

Beat the stresses of life by taking up one of these great hobbies!

Life is hectic. After working all week, a lot of men enjoy stretching out in their recliner and mindlessly watching television. But spending your leisure time being completely inactive can be unhealthy. Depression, restlessness, anxiety… These can all be cause be lack of activity rather than too much.

Here’s a list of ten great hobbies for men that could keep your mind and body sharp, increase creativity, teach valuable skills or benefit you socially.



Learning to play any instrument is a worthwhile endeavor, but guitars are truly special. You can get started with very little investment – all you need is a cheap acoustic. Guitars have a great learning curve and it feels amazing to improve and learn to play songs. Writing your own tunes is a great creative outlet. And perhaps best of all, many girls love a guy who can play guitar.


If you’re more about creating something physical rather than musical, then woodworking could be a great hobby to take up. You get to be creative, focus on precision, develop your patience and sometimes use some kickass power tools. There are a million different types of woodworking projects you could undertake. Check out some woodcraft stores for project kits and shop classes.


If you are stuck in an office all day, then growing your own food can be a great way to unwind outside and get some fresh air. You don’t need a lot of land to start gardening and growing a crop from seed to harvest is an extremely satisfying accomplishment. Imagine having a dinner date over and presenting a dish with vegetables straight from your own garden. Food is the way to a person’s heart, after all.


Sport shooting takes concentration and a steady hand. Improving your ability to hit a target in real life is so much more satisfying than in a video game. There are gun clubs and ranges all over, so take your pick! One downside is that guns aren’t cheap and the cost of ammo is always on the rise.

Model Building

If you have older children, then model building can be a great hobby to share with them. Everyone can benefit from focusing on detail, patience and following complicated instructions. Even if you don’t have kids, there are plenty of model kits out there that would be perfect for the more patient and steady hand of an adult. It’s a very easy hobby to get into, and most model kits are not terribly expensive.

Martial Arts

Martial arts are some of our favorite hobbies here because of the many benefits they provide. Not only are you getting a great workout, but you’re learning a valuable self-defense skill. It requires focus, practice and very little equipment. It’s also very social. Finding the right style and local dojo can be a little tricky, so we recommend talking to friends or acquaintances about their experiences.

Beer Brewing

If you spend money on craft beer, then you owe it to yourself to at least consider brewing your own. Getting started is cheap and easy – there are tons of beginner kits out there. Once you get the hang of the basics you can start working on that perfect IPA. Home brewed beer can save you money and make great gifts. Get a designer friend to help you with a label and boom – you’re a totally legit brewer!


If you enjoy solitude and beautiful views, then fishing could be your ideal hobby. It also provides great bonding time for you and your kids or friends. Fishing licenses are cheap and basic equipment won’t set you back too much either. Ignore all the fancy gadgets at first and keep it simple. There are plenty of Youtube videos to show you the basics of baiting and casting if you don’t have anyone available to teach you.

Home Projects

You don’t have to be a carpenter to do some light remodeling in your home. Working around the house is a great way to learn new hands-on skills and improve your living area. You can also save money by not hiring out for small projects… It’s worth trying even if you aren’t successful completing the project. As my father always said, “I’ll never hire someone to do a project for me, but I might hire someone to fix it.”

Hiking and Camping

A weekend spent in the great outdoors can really push the reset button on life. Hiking and camping are phenomenal hobbies that can scratch a number of itches. You can go solo if you want solitude or you can take friends or family if you want bonding time. Hiking is great exercise and the views can be spectacular. Camping teaches the valuable skill of self-sufficiency and allows you to escape from the busy digital world.