3 Dead in Maryland Shooting after Disgruntled Employee Opens Fire

A deadly shooting played out in Maryland at a Rite Aid warehouse center on Thursday. The person responsible, authorities say, was Snochia Moseley, 26, a woman who worked at the distribution center.

According to authorities, Moseley killed three people, injured three others, and then killed herself with the gun.


Maryland Shooting

The shooting, which took place in Harford County near Baltimore, happened early in the morning. Moseley showed up for work on time, and then produced a 9mm Glock pistol and began her killing spree. At time of writing, details about the victims have no been released. According to authorities, police didn’t fire any shots during their response to the scene.

Police arrived five minutes after being called about shots fired. By the time they arrived, Moseley had already taken her own life. First responders were able to attend to the three wounded, and they were taken to urgent care. At time of writing, police are still investigating motive. Early guesses hold that Moseley was dissatisfied with her working environment.

Chaos Unfolds

Alexie Scharmann’s mother works in the distribution center and was present while Moseley was actively shooting. Scharmann received panicked texts from her mother as the chaos unfolded. “I love you … more than you’ll ever know,” which was followed by “There’s a shooter in the building. I’m hiding. I love you,” and “Be good and take care of dad and the pets if something should happen.”

After an agonizing wait, Scharmann was relieved to see another text after the shooting was over. “I am outside and safe. I love you,” which came after Moseley had already taken her own life.

Snochia Moseley

At time of writing, not much is known about Moseley. It is known that she purchased the gun that she used to carry out the shooting legally and it was registered in her name. She had previously worked as a security guard at the distribution center where this shooting took place. Her friends seemed absolutely astonished that she was the shooter in the incident, according to reports.