7 Important Items that Men Should Never Skimp On

While it is generally a good idea to live within your means and to not overspend, there are some items you simply shouldn’t skimp on.  The reason for this is because paying a little more upfront for a quality item can actually be cheaper in the long run!  This is thanks to the item lasting longer than the cheaper options, with no need to replace as soon and less upkeep required.

That doesn’t mean you should go out and buy every expensive item, of course.  So what should you spend your hard-earned money on?  We’ve compiled a list of the top items you should never skimp on, and for good reason.


A Nice Suit

Every man needs at least one really nice suit in their closet.  You may not get the chance to wear it often, but when you do – all eyes are going to be on you.  This might mean you’ll need to stay relatively the same clothing size, but hey…  that isn’t really a bad thing to strive for if you’re in decent enough shape to begin with.


Go ahead and splurge on a really nice pair of shoes.  Leather boots are especially nice, and can last for decades if you take proper care of them.  Not only do more expensive shoes look better, their soles are also built with more care so they’re less likely to fall apart over time.


You might be tempted to just hit up your local quicky cut, but the results can really vary.  The thing about chain salons is that you’ll end up looking like every other guy when you walk out.  Why not pay about $10-15 extra for a more modern style?

Develop a relationship with a proper barber who specializes in male hair.  You won’t regret this.

A Nice Tool Set

You knew this would be included on this list.  Something you’re going to end up using often over the years is a nice set of tools – so help make sure that your set will actually last over the years.  The extra cost might be a little hard to swallow, but it’ll really pay off in the long run.

There is nothing more satisfying than having a good, quality tool in your grasp.

Good Toilet Paper

I know, I know…  you probably go through this so fast that you don’t think it really matters.  However, it really matters.  Pay a few dollars more and go for the quality stuff.  Not only will your bum thank you, your guests will also be thankful.  If you want bonus points, also grab some nice butt wipes.


The upfront cost of a good, quality mattress can be a little intimidating, but think of how many years you’re going to end up sleeping on it.  Don’t fall for all of the gimmicks that usually come attached to mattresses – just go to your local mattress store and take the time to actually lay down on a few to see which one simply feels the best, that is suited towards your personal needs.

A good night’s rest is extremely important and well worth the extra cost.  Especially if you have a bad back!

Chef’s Knife

If you feel like a man doesn’t belong in the kitchen, you really need to get over it.  There is nothing more attractive than a man who is confident enough to be able to take care of feeding himself and helping out with his family.  Find yourself a good-quality chef’s knife and put that baby to work!