A Quick and Simple Guide to the Merits of Manscaping

Few men want to talk about manscaping. At best, we simply try to find merit in its virtues and discuss those. Well, it’s not winter, and wooly mammoths are not in right now. The good news is it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds.

Nor does it pose any threat to your masculinity. Seriously, how many hairy-chested, totally jacked action stars can you name off the top of your head?


There are plenty of good reasons to rid yourself of some body hair, especially in the summer.

Armpit Hair

No one’s expecting you to shave your pits. In fact, very few men do. However, you don’t want to let it get out of control either. The last thing you want in the summer is a small bush peeking out from under your t-shirt sleeves. Oh, and trimming it back can help with body odor, too.

Chest Hair

This is one of those things that’s just totally up in the air. If you aren’t a super athletic guy, shaving it might seem over the top. Plus, if you’re in a relationship, you might want to consult with your s/o on this one first. While some seem to find chest hair sexy, others prefer their men bare.

There is, of course, an in-between. Yes, a happy medium, if you will. That is trimming it shorter in the summer. Not only will it keep you from looking a bit overgrown for the hot months, it’ll also keep you cooler.

Back Hair

If your back hair bothers you, now might be a great time for a wax. Of course, this is one of those times where you may want to turn to a pro. Just don’t forget the aftercare. The last thing you want is to go straight from the salon directly into the sun.

Side Note: Waxing Chest or Back Hair

When it comes to both back and chest hair, if you’re contemplating waxing, hold up a second. Do not, we repeat, do not buy an at home kit and let your s/o experiment on you. Unless said s/o is a licensed aesthetician, we highly recommend avoiding at-home kits executed by loved ones at all costs. We’ve seen this turn disastrous way too many times.

Leg Hair

Unless you’re a professional athlete – like a swimmer, cyclist, marathon-runner, there’s little need to full-on shave your legs.

However, there are advantages. Less hair on your legs means your sweat will evaporate faster, making you cooler in the summer months. (This is one reason most bicyclists do it, too, not just for aerodynamics.) Also, if you aren’t skipping leg days, bare calves and quads can look even more impressive when hairless.

Down There

We know you’ve thought about it, even if it isn’t something you talk about (and it probably isn’t). It’s a pretty simple concept though – if it’s overgrown, mow the lawn. As for the less front-facing areas, you’ve got to be careful. Make sure you use a guard or have it professionally done. As for the advantages, well, in the summer months, it seems pretty obvious. Heat retention, body odor, there are plenty of reasons to trim it back or take it off.

While manscaping is often seen as an aesthetics thing, there are practical purposes, too. Regardless of your reasons, there’s no shame in doing it yourself or seeing a professional.