About Us

From the darkness we strike. Moving without sound or trace. We step carefully and with great caution, not only to avoid all noise, but to also not step on any cracks in the sidewalk. You know… “Step on a crack, break your mothers back.” – But not us!  We move silently and step on NO cracks!

We are the – Sidewalk Ninja!

Black pajamas are our fashion, amazing content is our passion.

BANG! POW! Right before your eyes! Content that makes you laugh and cry!

Content that everyone will be talking about tomorrow at work. But you’ll know what they’re talking about. Why? Because you’ll have seen in a couple days before they did? How?

Sidewalk Ninja, fool!  BAM, PUNCH, HIGH KICK! Ooooohhhh!!!!

She whispers – “So sexy, But how do they do it?”

We comb the internet for the hottest content and powerpunch it straight into your phone like BAM POW, baby!

Enjoy our content. Live the life of a ninja. And be kind to animals and stuff.


You will never see us coming!

-Mr. Sidewalk Ninja Jr. Esquire