Andrea Washington, Navy CPO, Found Dead

Andrea Washington, a newly promoted chief petty officer in the Navy, has been found dead. She was found dead in her apartment the day she was due to appear in court. Her court appearance was for a protective order against a man who had assaulted her. Washington, who was 37 and mother to three, has sought protection against a man who was living with her.

Washington, who was a 19-year veteran of the Navy, had just been promoted to chief petty officer. In an interview with a local news station, her friend Phantom McClendon spoke about her promotion. “Right when she got pinned, I told her congratulations and ‘I’m proud of you,’” he said to the station, WTLV. “I knew she liked Hennessy, so I went and bought her the biggest and best bottle.”

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Andrea Washington and her Assailant

According to Washington, the man who had been living with her turned violent when asked to help with bills. Washington describes their relationship as romantic and says that he assaulted her on September 1st. According to court documents, after asking him to help with bills, the assailant “pushed me down to the floor, kicked me in my stomach, chased me to the bedroom and pulled a gun on me.”

Further, after assaulting her, her assailant took the keys to her mailbox and her car. Then, he destroyed her iPad and kicked holes in several doors. Washington went to the emergency room to receive medical treatment the next day.

Washington’s Court Date

A few hours after her body was discovered by authorities, Washington was due to appear in court. The court appearance would have her seeking an order of protection against her attacker. Authorities who found her body were told she’d suffered a “medical emergency.” However, upon finding her, they immediately suspected her death was a homicide. As such, they’re looking for suspects in connection to the crime.

Authorities, however, have released a (highly redacted) release that seems to indicate the homicide isn’t thought to be related to domestic violence. Many, upon reading the details of this case, would make the conclusion that the man who assaulted Washing is the one who killed her. However, authorities have not named any suspects at this time, and the investigation is ongoing.