Bill Coors Passes Away at 102

William “Bill” Coors, former chairman of Coors brewing company, passed away on Saturday. Bill Coors was 102, and he leaves behind a legacy of reshaping the face of modern brewing.

By most accounts, Bill Coors was responsible for many of the business moves that made Coors into a household name.


Bill Coors’ Legacy

In 1959, early in Bill’s role as chairman of the brewing company, he spearheaded the effort to produce Coors beers in aluminum cans. In fact, the popularity of the recyclable aluminum can with a pop-top can largely be attributed to Bill.

When interviewed about this legacy, Coors remained modest. “Would the aluminum can have ever arrived without me? Of course, its advent was inevitable. All I did was hurry it along,” he would say. While this is true, his “hurrying along” of the aluminum can’s popularity was a major development in the early 60’s.

Coors Brewing Company

The brewery that bears Bill’s name was established by his grandfather, Adolph Coors, in 1873. In 2004, Coors merged with Monson, a Canadian brewing company, to form Monson-Coors. Mark Hunter, the CEO of Monson-Coors, issued a statement following the news of Bill’s passing. “Our company stands on the shoulders of giants like Bill Coors,” he stated.

“His dedication, hard work and ingenuity, helped shape not only our company but the entire beer industry. We honor his memory by rededicating ourselves to continuing the work he loved so much – brewing the best tasting, highest quality beer to share with family and friends.”

Today, Coors owns the single largest brewery in the world at their Golden, Colorado facility. They are one of the largest brewing conglomerates in the world, and they’ve got their eyes on other lucrative business endeavors. Currently, Coors is looking into branching out into the cannabis market. This might sound odd, until one remembers that cannabis is now legal in Colorado, where Coors is headquartered!