How to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

You might be asking why you’d even need to increase your testosterone, right?  As a male, shouldn’t it be a given that you’re already absolutely brimming with it?  Thing is, testosterone is a vital...

8 Tips That Really Help Men Get in Tip-Top Shape!

Here’s the thing.  The sooner you can start taking charge of your health, the better.  You aren’t getting any younger, you know.  It isn’t uncommon for men to avoid going to the doctor until...

American Children Get Too Much Screen Time, Study Finds

These findings may come as unsurprising to some, but the numbers are rather stark. In a report published in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, researchers found that only 1 in 20 American children...

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Election Update: Who’s Leading the Polls?

The polls are showing an undeniable lead currently belongs to challenger Joe Biden in the US presidential race. Incumbent Donald Trump has proven unpopular,...

Man Arrested for Child Crimes Planned to Assassinate Joe Biden, Commit Mass Shooting

A 19-year-old man arrested earlier this month on charges of child abuse relating to images on his electronic devices was planning to kill Democratic...
a group of teenagers leaning against a wall of lockers

WHO & CDC: High Number of Young and Children with Severe Coronavirus

Misleading early information that emerged amid the coronavirus outbreak has led young people to believe they are not at risk, but now the CDC...