Nintendo to Release Updated Switch Console in Q2 2019

A report by the Wallstreet Journal alleges that industry insiders have become aware of plans by Nintendo to release an updated Switch. The Nintendo Switch, which launched in March of 2017, came out the...

Hobbies for Men that are Secretly Manly

The list of hobbies below aren’t what most people would consider very manly, but the thing is – being confident enough to participate in these hobbies without worrying about what others think is about...

Whittling 101: How to Get Started

Whittling has been a hobby for men since the first carving knife was invented. The sculptures made from whittling tend to leave knife strokes visible, giving a rugged look to the final piece. Whittling...

The Best Kinds of Hobbies to Mention at a Job Interview

There’s a lot of preparing that goes into a job interview. Most guys will spend a lot of time thinking about answers to work-history questions and work-related hypotheticals. But interviewers also want to get...

How to Roast Your Own Coffee at Home

Here’s the skinny: coffee beans are most flavorful within a week of roasting. That means the stuff you buy off the shelf is already past its prime. So why not roast your own coffee...

10 Great Hobbies Every Man Should Try at Least Once

Beat the stresses of life by taking up one of these great hobbies! Life is hectic. After working all week, a lot of men enjoy stretching out in their recliner and mindlessly watching television. But...

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Tulsi Gabbard Says Cancel Culture Is ‘Disservice to Our Country’

Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard, one of the 2020 presidential candidates, says those who are promoting the so-called “cancel culture” are doing a "disservice to...

What House Republicans Should Learn from Nixon Impeachment

During the impeachment proceedings of President Richard Nixon, a bipartisan coalition had formed, but the chances of similar cooperation regarding impeaching President Donald Trump...

The Four Pillars of American Conservatism

Modern American conservatism rests mainly on four pillars of belief that are being increasingly challenged by a liberal and democratic socialist agenda. Here are the...