Clean Shaven, Stubble or Full Beard? What Women Prefer.

What do women prefer… clean-shaven, stubble or beard? You want to know and we’ve got the skinny.

Beards have been all the rage in men’s grooming lately – from the short and neatly groomed to the comically long wizard-hipster beard. Male celebrities have picked up on the trend over the last few years as well. Have you seen Captain America lately? Point made.

Like anything else, it’s a personal preference and opinions vary depending on who you speak with. However, knowing women’s general attitudes towards facial hair can absolutely tip the scales in your favor.


Clean Shaven

Sorry guys, but studies have shown that the clean-shaven look is the least preferred by women. If you shave that face smooth, then you are limiting your potential to attract the gals. Luckily, it’s a problem that can be fixed in a matter of days.

Unless your job demands it or you are simply unable to grow a beard (our sympathies), then it’s time to move beyond that baby-faced look.

Neatly Trimmed Beards

Women who are looking for husband material tend to lean towards the full beard look. If a long-term relationship is what you’re looking for, then grow out that beard and maintain it. Men with beards are usually deemed more formidable and able-bodied: prime traits that women look for in a long-term relationship.

Wizard Beards

Come on, guys. Really? What the wizard-bearded hipsters out there may not realize is that most women are laughing at them behind their backs. We’re sure there are some gals out there who appreciate the “wizened old man” look, but it’s definitely in the minority. To cut to the chase: it’s a little too niche of a look if you are trying to get a date.


If you are playing the field and mainly looking for flings or short-term relationships, then you cannot go wrong with stubble. It has been deemed the most attractive look in various studies which makes it somewhat of a no-brainer. But those same studies show that women who are most attracted to stubble aren’t looking for long-term relationships.


In summary, your facial hair can absolutely reflect your relationship goals. If you’re looking to settle down, go with a full (but groomed and maintained) beard. If you’re still playing the field, stubble will land you the most interest. And if you’re clean shaven or sporting a full Gandalf? Sorry guys, time to change things up unless you’ve already found a lady who appreciates that look.

We’re not trying to generalize women here. Studies with these findings have been published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology. Are you gonna question evolution?