Deadly Shooting in Florence SC Leaves an Officer Dead, Six Injured

Florence, South Carolina was the site of a grisly shooting on Thursday. Police officer Terrence Carraway was shot Thursday morning while attempting to serve a warrant.

A gunman, identified as Fred Hopkins, 74, opened fire from inside his home. Officer Carraway tragically died en route to the hospital after being shot.


Florence SC Shooting Injures Six Officers, Kills Another

Fred Hopkins, a Florence native, opened fire on the police officers outside his home on Thursday. Witnesses claim that Hopkins had the advantage of cover and great line of sight. Being within his home, he was able to cover the yard with his rifle and made the house nearly unapproachable. Whenever officers approached they would be shot. The six wounded had to be covered and extracted by an armored vehicle.

Police negotiators were able to diffuse the situation and Hopkins surrendered. Following the deadly shootout, he was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. It is currently unclear why Hopkins opened fire, what charges will be leveled against him and why he was taken alive.

Carraway Described as “Gentle Giant”

According to statements made by those in the Florence community, officer Terrence Carraway was a gentle and kind man. Allen Heidler, the police chief, fought back tears in his address. He described Carraway as the bravest police officer he had ever met.

Heidler went on to say that Carraway was heavily involved in programs to help kids in low-income areas. Officer Carraway spearheaded an initiative called Camp FEVER to help children in impoverished areas. “He had a passion for kids … to see kids in impoverished areas have the opportunity to do the things they might not have the opportunity” Heidler emotionally stated.

Others in the community, such as Florence mayor Stephen Wukela, described Carroway as both a “great cop” and a “great person.”

Others Involved in the Shooting

One of the officers shot in the deadly altercation is still in critical condition at time of writing. Additionally, two other officers received treatment Thursday and were released. The remaining three injured sheriff’s deputies’ conditions are unknown.

Additionally, a twenty-year-old man is said to have been in the house during the shootout. He is said to have been shot during the altercation. His name and condition are both unknown at time of writing.