Escalator Malfunction Injures 20 Russian Football Fans

An escalator in Rome experienced an unusual malfunction after a football match, resulting in injuries. The escalator, in the Repubblica station of the Rome Metro line, accelerated to dangerous speeds. It was a downward-moving escalator, and dumped dozens of fans out at unsafe speeds.


Escalator Malfunction Injures at Least 20 Russian Fans

The escalator malfunction occurred while hundreds of football fans were on their way to an upcoming game between Russian and Italian teams. The escalator was particularly crowded when it malfunctioned. Some witnesses reported that the fans were excited, singing and jumping before the escalator came down.

Other reports, however, have contradicted this, saying there was no jumping. However, the escalator malfunction does appear to have been related to the number of people on it. It began rapidly accelerating towards the ground at alarming speeds. At least 20 Russian fans were injured as people piled up at the bottom of the escalator.

The Malfunction

The malfunction in question seems to have dumped all of their stairs that comprised the escalator to the floor level as well. Pictures taken of the escalator show exposed machinery and a pile of metal at the base.

This incredibly dangerous malfunction has allegedly harmed one fan so badly that there is fear his foot may need to be amputated. Reports indicate that his foot was mangled by a combination of the escalator’s rapid motion and the accidental dog-pile at the base.


Italian authorities have promised a full investigation into the incident. Atac, the local transportation authority, performs monthly checks on all public transportation equipment. They regularly inspect for safety, malfunctions and the like. It’s unclear how recently the escalator in question was checked or if it passed its last check.

In the meantime, the injured Russians are being tended to at a local hospital in Rome. It is unclear at this time if any charges will be pressed against the Metro Line or the city of Rome.