Fitness Tips for Older Men

I know, I know.  By the time you’ve reached a certain age you probably think you’ll get the chance to focus less on appearance and more on enjoying life, but there’s just one problem.  Having extra weight where it shouldn’t be can ending up shortening the remainder of your life, so it is very necessary to try working in a little exercise where you can.

The good news is that most of the steps you can take are fairly simple, and very worth it in the long run.  Here is a list of nine tips that’ll have you fit in no time.


Go for the Heavy Weights

You might have been told that upping your repetitions can mean you can use a much lighter weight, but think again.  You’ll be getting exercise but it isn’t going to be enough to build lean muscle or achieve any sort of toned look.

The size of weight needed is one you can do ten repetitions with, and then increase the size of the weight as you become strong enough to handle them.

Eat Enough Protein

For each 453g of body weight you should be consuming between 0.8g and 1g of low-fat protein, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.  This is the magical number needed to help promote and obtain muscle growth.

Stay Warm

Have you ever treated yourself to a sauna?  Now is the time to try!  Studies have shown that visiting a sauna once a week can cut down the risk of heart attack by almost 63%!  This is because the heat from the sauna is beneficial for men who have reached their middle ages.

Less Alcohol

This might upset some of you, but know your body’s limits.  This doesn’t mean you need to cut out alcohol altogether, but consider the effect that too much alcohol can have on your body.  It is chock full of calories, so consider alternating a glass of water between brewskies.  You should be doing that anyway though, right?

Power Boost Your Walks

It is fantastic if you’re already going for daily walks, but let’s try to amp it up a bit.  Aim to include at least 60 seconds of high energy activity to each of your walks, even if it just means walking faster.  For each minute of boosted exercise each day can mean a 2% decrease in obesity.

Push-Ups are Important

This is one of the best exercises you can do when you’ve reached the middle ages.  This is because not only does it help work out your entire body, it can help strengthen you enough that you can break any falls.  This can help prevent fractures, which is always a plus.

Superfoods ARE Super

There’s a reason they’re called superfoods, you know.  They can help decrease blood pressure and lower blood pressure, and can also help prevent strokes and prostrate cancer.  Some examples of superfoods include almonds, flaxseeds, dark chocolate, tomatoes and unsweetened orange juice.  See, it isn’t all bad!

Aim for a 4×25 Fitness Plan

If at all possible, try to exercise four days a week for at least 25 minutes.  This is the minimum that you should be going for when you’ve reached middle age.  It is better to start now than to wait until it’s too late and your body won’t allow you to reach these goals.  Strengthen your body while you have the chance!

Get Your Rest

While it is important for your body to exercise, it is also important to give it a chance to recover – especially when you’re older.  Keep in mind that even if you still feel younger, your body IS getting older and you might need to space out the harder workout sessions.

Make sure to drink plenty of water and to give your body a chance to rest when needed.  Don’t feel guilty about it – you’ve earned this!