Floor Collapses During Party in Clemson, SC Injuring Partygoers

Early Sunday morning, partygoers were stunned and horrified at a Clemson homecoming party. The party was held Saturday evening at a clubhouse at nearby Woodlands Apartments. Roughly thirty people were dropped into the basement of the clubhouse when the floor collapsed.


Clemson Homecoming Party Leads to Flood Collapse

The party was hosted by the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity in honor of homecoming. Roughly thirty people were on the dance floor when it gave out. According to witnesses who were at the scene, the collapse occurred while a very popular song was playing.

Apparently, the song was in the run-up to its “drop,” which is the part of the song when the bass kicks in. The partygoers were excited, jumping up and down rhythmically. When everyone jumped at once in preparation for the drop, it was the floor that dropped instead.

Dozens Injured, No One Killed

Dozens of people who fell into the basement were injured. Partygoers captured the scene on cell phone cameras, describing it as terrifying. The videos show the victims of the collapse struggling to stand and climbing over one another. Some look too stunned or injured to move as they are partly trampled. Several people are heard screaming.

Thankfully, despite the injuries, no one was seriously injured or killed. Early reports suggested that there may have been a few broken ankles or legs, however. Police were called at roughly 12:30 Sunday morning, and ambulances arrived shortly after.

Police Investigation Pending

The party was a private, invite-only function by the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. A police investigation into the incident is pending. It is unclear what the investigation entails. However, it would be unsurprising if the investigation is to ascertain if the clubhouse was hosting too many partiers, and if the venue is culpable for damages.

In an interview, the property manager, Tal Slann, stated that the clubhouse was constructed around 2005. “I can tell you there was a party. I can tell you there was a floor collapse,” said Slann. “There were injuries. They were not life-threatening. Nobody was trapped.”