German Hostage Taker in Custody

A German hostage taker is in custody after a standoff with police on Monday. The hostage taker, who has not been publicly identified, allegedly took a woman hostage at a train station in Cologne, Germany.

Authorities responded to the situation rapidly, and reports hold that the person responsible is in critical condition after the standoff. The hostage is being treated for what are described as “minor injuries.”

NBC News

German Hostage Taker “Not Terror Related”

According to the official reports from German authorities, there is no evidence that this situation was terror-related. The hostage-taking occurred in the train station, not aboard a train, and involved one hostage. According to eyewitnesses, the suspect entered the station through a pharmacy at Breslauer Platz. Reports indicate that this pharmacy is near the back of the station.

Following this, the suspect took the victim hostage for unknown reasons. Currently, it is unknown whether the suspect had any demands or was acting with any higher motivation. Reports indicate that the hostage situation continued for roughly two hours before police were able to apprehend the suspect. Current reports hold that the hostage taker was seriously injured in the process.

Local Response

Deutsche Bahn, the company that owns the train station, has stated that all trains in the station are delayed until further notice. In fact, the station itself is blocked for security purposes. German special forces have been brought in to secure the station. Local authorities have urged people to avoid the train station while they search for any other potential threats.

At time of writing, it is unclear what caused the hostage situation to even occur. Whether the suspect was acting alone, in their right mind or in possession of a firearm are also all currently unknown. The police effort to secure the train station may indicate the possibility of a bomb threat, but this has not been corroborated or stated by authorities. At time of writing, all we know is that authorities don’t currently have reason to believe that this incident was terror-related.