Hobbies for Men that are Secretly Manly

The list of hobbies below aren’t what most people would consider very manly, but the thing is – being confident enough to participate in these hobbies without worrying about what others think is about as manly as you can get!

The truth is that your hobbies should reflect your personal interests regardless of who might have an opinion about it.  Life is too short to waste doing what others believe you should be doing.  Choose a hobby that reflects you, and you’ll be happier for it in the long run.



If you have a job that keeps you cooped up inside all day, then gardening might be the perfect excuse to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D.  Not to mention the fresh air and exercise!  Growing a garden can help you become more in tune with nature and you’ll get a real feeling of satisfaction seeing your effort literally come to fruition.

Even better, if you plant a vegetable garden you’ll be able to reap those benefits at your dinner table.  Sounds like a win-win to me.

Ballroom Dancing

Think about generations past.  I’m betting you have quite a few grandpas in your lineage that certainly knew how to shake those ballroom shoes!  If you wanted a way to impress the ladies, you’ve found it.  Talk about a great date night activity, and that’s not the only benefit – it can also help your posture and increase your self-confidence.  Another bonus is that dancing definitely counts as cardiovascular exercise.


Don’t fall for the women belong in the kitchen line.  It is incredibly outdated, and men really should know how to fend for themselves in a kitchen.  You get to save money from not having to go out to eat so often, and cooking at home is usually far more healthy.  There really is no excuse for you not to know your way around a kitchen, and who knows – you might really start to enjoy it!

Pro-Tip:  If you combine Cooking with Gardening, you absolutely get bonus points.


Let’s end this list with a bang!  Every man worth his salt should have at least a handful of magic tricks up his sleeve.  It will give you the ability to impress your friends, potential mates and get the most delightful chuckles out of children.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Hit up your local magic shop (or online, which kind of counts as a magical shop) and look for a  “Trick Deck” to get started.  You’ll thank us later.