How to Choose and Wear the Right Cologne

Here’s the thing about cologne.  When worn right, it can it can help others form a more positive opinion of you.  Passersby will perceive that you’re a well put-together man, it can help you develop deeper connections with people and yes, it can make you more attractive to the opposite gender.


So how do you choose the cologne that’s perfect for you?  Here’s the good news.  Studies have shown that people have the ability to naturally choose the cologne that works best with his own body scent!  You’ve got this.

Let’s continue to cover a few basics:

What Size Bottle to Buy?

If you’re new to wearing cologne, there is no need to grab the largest bottle of your favorite cologne.  Go for the smaller version and wear it for a while to see if your tastes start to change.

Who knows…  a month down the road you might randomly sniff another cologne that blows your current scent out of the water.

How to Wear Cologne Properly

Please don’t be one of those guys that absolutely saturate themselves in cologne.  No one likes this.  Even the most attractive scents can be too powerful and will have the opposite effect you’re looking for if you over-do it.

Start Light – go for a single spray on your chest, and nothing more.  This will help you get an idea of how powerful a particular cologne is.  Remember that less is more.

Apply after Showering – dry your skin first and spray it 3-6 inches from your body.

Don’t Rub it In – you’ll break up the molecular bond and make the scent weaker than it should be.

Re-apply Sparingly – there’s no need to refresh your cologne more than once midday.

Apply to heat areas – the best parts of your body to apply cologne to include your lower jaw, neck, inner elbow, shoulder, chest and forearm.  Choose only 2-3 spots at a given time, and please don’t spray your crotch.  Just don’t.

Keep in mind that our smell is a human’s strongest sense.  It can help foster memories and good feelings, so try to find a cologne that will leave a good impression to anyone that might pass you by.