How to Deter a Burglar from Targeting Your Home

It is a sad fact that our homes can be easy targets, especially if you spend a great deal of time away from home working.  The good news is that there are a few simple precautions you can take to help ensure that your home doesn’t stand out from the rest!


Home Security

It might seem like a waste of money, but having a home security system can be a huge peace of mind.  Studies have shown that burglars are three times less likely to break into a home that has a security system than one that doesn’t.

Even if you can’t afford a home security system, you can take other measures to deter would-be thieves.  Purchase stickers or signs that state you have a home security system, and there are cheaper alarms that you can buy that will sound an alarm when someone opens a door or breaks a window.

Another option is to get a dog!  Although a dog shouldn’t really be your home security system, a loud barking dog will go a long way to deter a thieve from choosing your house over another.

Bright Lights

Make sure the outside of your home is well-lit.  Having more light will mean there is more chance of the burglar being noticed, and they surely don’t want that.  Even better, place flood lights at prime locations that have motion detectors.

No thief is going to want to break into a home when their every step is points a spotlight right at them.

Know Thy Neighbors

This is one of the absolute best things you can do to protect your home.  There is nothing better than having a nosy neighbor who can help keep their eye on your home when you aren’t there.  Burglars who have been convicted have reported that having neighbors ask questions is a huge deterrent for them.

Be Careful with Your Trash

If you make any large purchases, break down the boxes and try to make them not so obvious during garbage pick-up day.  A large TV box is basically a large sign that states “Burglars, Come Get Me!”  You don’t want that, do you?  Also be sure to carefully shred any documents such as bank statements that might expose you to identity theft.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Sadly enough, a lot of break-ins can happen from people you’d least expect.  Some of your friends might not be as trustworthy as you’d hope.  Also be careful about repairmen and maids, especially if they have access to your home without you being present.  Avoid giving the keys to your home to anyone either as they can easily have a duplicate made at any big box store.

If you do have someone work on your home, be sure to do a quick inventory check before and after.  Also check to make sure all windows and locks are secure.  It isn’t uncommon for a would-be thief to leave things unlocked so they can have easy access later.