How to Properly Polish Your Leather Boots

You’ve taken the first step and have obtained a proper pair of nice leather boots, but do you know how to clean them?  If you take good care of your boots, they can literally last for decades!

Thing is, if you don’t polish them from time to time – they’ll definitely start to show a lot of wear and tear as the years go by.  No one wants that.


The good news is that polishing your boots is relatively simple.  You only need a few supplies that can be obtained at most big box stores.  Ready to get started?  Let’s do this.

Supplies Needed

    • Shoe Polish – about $1, make sure you grab the right color!
    • Shoe Brush – about $5-10
  • Soft Cloth – this can be anything really, even an old t-shirt.

The Process

1.  Using your brush or a damp cloth, wipe off any dust and debris that might be present on your boots. If the boots are wet, give them time to dry before proceeding to the next step.

2.  Now you get to apply a little shoe polish using your soft cloth. If you’re smart, you’ll cover your workspace with newspaper so that you don’t accidentally dye something you shouldn’t.  Rub the dye in using a small circular motion and make sure not to overdo it.  You only need a little bit of the dye at a time.

3.  Grab your shoe brush to get rid of any excess polish. Don’t worry about brushing your shoe too hard – leather is tough stuff!  There’s a reason why these shoes can easily last for decades.

4.  The final step is to use a clean part of your soft cloth or old t-shirt to rub and buff out your shoe until it starts to shine. This is the fun part where you get to see the effort of all of your hard work.

Pro-Tip:  If you’re lacking in shoe polish, a banana peel will do in a pinch!  Seriously.  Banana peels contain potassium, which is a key ingredient found in shoe polish.  Just grab the peel and rub it on your shoes, then follow up with the soft cloth to buff it all out.  Amazing, huh?

Let’s just hope the scent doesn’t attract any unwanted pests along your travels.