Kelsey Quayle, Model, Killed in Odd Traffic Accident

A highly unusual case surfaced in Riverdale, Georgia earlier this month. On October 8th, model Kelsey Quayle was involved in a traffic accident. Her Mazda 626 drifted into another lane and slammed into a Suzuki XL-7 and a Ford Escape, and authorities responded not long after.

Quayle was clearly in critical condition and rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. At this point, things got very unusual.

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Kelsey Quayle was Shot While Driving

Doctor’s discovered, upon administering treatment to Quayle, that she had actually been shot in the neck while she was driving. This immediately explains how the traffic accident occurred, baffling as the development is. Sadly, the bullet that hit Quayle lodged itself in her brain stem, rendering her brain dead. She was taken off of life support on October 10th, and passed away later that day.

Her Family’s Response

Kelsey Quayle has no enemies or known stalkers, according to her family, which makes her murder highly confusing. Quayle’s family simply wants answers. “She didn’t have any enemies, she never mentioned anything about any stalkers or never had a person that was bugging her,” Kayleigh Martin, Quayle’s sister, said in an interview. “It is such a mystery and just would love for somebody to come forward so that the person who did this takes responsibility,” she continued.

Her family’s confusion is justified, but there are, thankfully, a few leads.

The Leads

The Clayton County Police Department is seeking to question the witnesses who were nearby when the shooting occurred. A gas station surveillance video taken during the incident shows a number of vehicles that would have had a clear view of the incident.

“We would especially like to speak with the driver of the white SUV and the driver of the gray sedan that is seen passing Kelsey’s vehicle as it is traveling in the lanes of oncoming traffic,” reads a post on the police department’s Facebook. Investigators hope that witnesses to the incident could be able to shine some light on the situation. Currently, this appears to be a completely random murder.