Kirby Gene Wallace, Tennessee Fugitive, on the Run from Police

A Tennessee man named Kirby Gene Wallace is fleeing the police after an alleged crime spree involving at least two homicides. Witnesses report that Wallace has taken the lives of two victims, one during a carjacking and another during a home invasion.

At time of writing, he is being pursued by police in a large-scale manhunt and is considered armed and dangerous.


Kirby Gene Wallace Wanted for Multiple Crimes

Kirby Gene Wallace is alleged by police to have committed a number of serious crimes in the past two weeks. At time of writing, Wallace is currently wanted on charges of first-degree murder, felony murder, aggravated arson, especially aggravated kidnapping, especially aggravated robbery, especially aggravated burglary and theft of property.

First Incident

On Sunday, Wallace is alleged to have burglarized the home of Brenda and Teddy Smith. The Smith family came home from church to find Wallace in the middle of burglarizing their home. Wallace then bound both Smiths to chairs with electrical wire and set their home ablaze. Teddy managed to get free of the home and is currently being treated for his injuries.

Brenda, however, died in the fire. She was pulled from the home by her son, who had to break a window to get to her. According to witnesses, Brenda was dead by the time she was pulled from the home. Wallace escaped well before authorities were able to respond.

Second Incident

On Monday, Wallace killed a motorist and stole his truck. The man, who’s identity has been withheld, was found at the corner of two roads in rural Tennessee. Later that day, Wallace was seen driving the stolen truck. Later still, the truck was recovered by police, but Wallace was nowhere to be seen.

Still at Large

At time of writing, Wallace is still at large and is believed to be on foot. He is also believed to be armed and dangerous. He is likely hunkered down in a rural, wooded area in Stewart County. The manhunt for him is in full swing, and authorities are urging residents to come forward with any information regarding Wallace’s whereabouts.

A plane equipped with thermal imaging equipment is being used in the search. Residents in the area are currently receiving police escorts to their homes as a precaution. Schools in the area are under soft lockdown as well. Police officers are escorting school buses and supervising children while Wallace is still at large.

Those with any information regarding Wallace are urged to inform Tennessee authorities.