Life Tips that Every Young Man Should Know

Have you ever thought back to what kind of life tips you might give your younger self if you were given the chance?  Maybe you’re younger and would like to know what you should and shouldn’t avoid while you’re just now starting to get your feet wet?

Even better, maybe you’d just like to share a few tips with your son that you might not have considered?  If so, read on.  Some of these are still applicable even if you’re not so young.


Life Tips that Every Young Man Should Know

1.  It’s Ok to Win

Sometimes when playing games you might feel like you should let yourself lose in order to give others a chance to win.  Know that this isn’t always necessary.  It is completely fine to win without feeling guilty.

Letting yourself rightfully win can actually help open doors for others in the future, and may even prod them to try harder to secure a win by their own merit.

2.  Save and Invest Money

This is so incredibly important.  Teach your child the value of money early on, and help them learn how to invest and accumulate money over time.  Being responsible with money and having a firm understanding of how it all works is one of the very best gifts you can possibly give your children.

This includes understanding how credit works, and how interest rates can make a huge difference.  The last thing your kid needs is to be stuck in a credit avalanche that they’d need to spend the rest of their life trying to climb out of.

3.  Don’t Waste Time in Pursuing Your Dreams

A common thing you might hear growing up is that you still have plenty of time.  That it’s ok if you don’t succeed because you’ll have time later.  This personally isn’t a very good excuse since time – even if you might have plenty of it left, is still very precious.

Make use of the time you do have.  By doing so you’ll be able to look back later without regrets that you didn’t try hard enough when you had the chance.

4.  Be Careful with Who You Choose as Friends

Know that peer pressure is a real thing, and who you choose to surround yourself with can make a huge difference in the path that your life takes.  Pay attention to those who have hobbies and interests that can lead to success in life over those that perhaps spend most weeknights drinking in bars until 2am.

It’s ok to have a little fun, but that fun shouldn’t be the main focus.  Sometimes that fun can have the pesky habit of becoming a lifestyle.

5.  Read Classic Books

Reading books in general is always a big plus, but classic books have an advantage that others do not have.  They help teach a mindset that modern society no longer promotes, along with introducing cultures and traditions that no longer exist.  They also help promote a more diverse vocabulary and stronger analytical skills.

6.  Don’t Listen to Dumb Advice

Understand that not all advice that you’re given is actually GOOD advice.  Everyone has their opinion, and it is up to you to research and decide which of these opinions hold actual merit.  Everyone who goes around spouting wisdom isn’t always someone who is capable of said wisdom.

Take the time to educate yourself enough that you can recognize what is truly wise, and what isn’t.