Man Arrested for Child Crimes Planned to Assassinate Joe Biden, Commit Mass Shooting

A 19-year-old man arrested earlier this month on charges of child abuse relating to images on his electronic devices was planning to kill Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, according to court documents related to his detention hearing. The North Carolina man, Alexander Hillel Treisman, used online search engines to research where Biden lived, as well as information regarding rifle parts and night vision goggles.


On Treisman’s social media page earlier this year, he shared an image with the caption “Should I kill Joe Biden?”, according to an officer with the US Marshall’s Service. Moreover, Treisman was in possession of an AR-15-like rifle, according to the same officer.

Bizarrely, the search of Treisman’s electronic devices that turned up this information was unrelated to his apparent assassination plans.

Treisman Arrested on Child Abuse Imagery Charges

The string of discoveries about Treisman’s online activity began when an unattended white van was discovered in a bank parking lot. Employees of the bank called in the suspicious vehicle, and police peered in the windows.

Just from the curb, they could make out a rifle, a box for a handgun, a cannister of explosive material, and a box of ammunition.

Upon a thorough search of the contents of the van, officers found over $500,000 in cash, books on making explosives, and drawings of swastikas. Further firearms were found in the vehicle. Bank employees identified Treisman as having asked about the vehicle earlier, which led police to link him to the van. A search of his personal vehicle turned up even more firearms and three fake IDs for different states.

Searches of Treisman’s laptops and cellphones turned up a staggering amount of illegal content involving children. Over 1,000 videos and nearly 7,000 images of children being abused in sadistic ways were found on his electronic devices. It is unclear if Treisman has a lawyer at this time.

Planned Assassination and Mass Shooting

In addition to what seemed to be a plan to assassinate Joe Biden, Treisman seemed to be plotting a mass shooting. He had images relating to the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand from 2019. He also had taken a video outside of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, where a mass shooting took place in 2017.

Found among his notes was a plot to apparently stage a mass shooting on Black Friday or on Christmas. The note described the plot would take place in a mall food court, according to police. Needless to say, many people online and in law enforcement are relieved that Treisman was apprehended before he could enact any of his plans.