Man Dies in Freak Accident at Jack in the Box Drive-Thru

A St. Louis man, Charles Wood, Jr., was killed in a freak accident in a Jack in the Box Drive-Thru on Thursday. The accident occurred while Wood was attempting to get his food from the window. He had parked his truck at an odd angle and couldn’t quite reach his food.

He leaned out of the truck in an attempt to reach it and opened his door to get more reach. His foot appears to have slipped, and he was pinned between his truck and a tree.


Jack in the Box Accident

There is currently an investigation by the St. Louis police into the incident. However, it appears as though Wood thought his vehicle was in park. When he reached for his food, his foot seems to have jammed the accelerator, and his truck was actually in reverse. As such, the truck flew backward with the door open and caused serious damage to Wood’s head, back, torso and legs. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.


Jack in the Box has had no comment on the accident at the time of writing. While police are investigating the death, it seems as though there is no culpability on the part of Jack in the Box. Additionally, foul play is not suspected. It appears as though the death was entirely a freak accident, highly unlikely and very tragic.

Vehicle Safety

Mr. Wood’s death is a tragic reminder of how dangerous vehicles are. Many who operate vehicles daily don’t appreciate just how powerful and heavy they are. It is always recommended that you exercise extreme caution when operating a motor vehicle. Double check what gear you are in, make sure you wear your seatbelt and never lean out of a vehicle with its engine on.

The best rule of all: be safe out there. Don’t take unnecessary risks, and never be in too big of a hurry.