You’d have to be in your 40s or older to remember the good old days when journalists actually presented fair and unbiased reporting that simply presented the facts.

Now the media is biased toward liberalism, and has created a situation where people no longer trust news reports.

The struggle is real: Media bias against conservatives

Conservatives are being silenced in both major media and online media. Positive stories involving conservative politicians are routinely ignored in favor of promoting negative stories.

How many positive stories about Donald Trump do you see outside of conservative new sites?

To get a better perspective on this, we need to look back at the Obama years in the White House and take note of how much the media shielded actual scandals that occurred during his administration.

The media became too cozy with Obama and did not hold him to account in a number of instances. Notably, conditions at border detention facilities, if shown, might have been even more scandalous than what we have seen with the Trump administration.

Americans say they no longer trust the media

But one of the biggest problems we are experiencing today is that the liberal media tends to push opinion over fact.

A recent Gallup poll found that 66 percent of Americans believe the media has a difficult time separating fact from opinion.

Additionally, 62 percent of Americans believe the press is biased in their reporting, either pro-liberal or pro-conservative.

Attention-getting, negative headlines are the name of the game

The name of the game now is headlines that grab attention. For this reason, sensationalism sells. Negative headlines largely outperform positive ones.

This is why nearly every headline finds a way to squeeze the name “Trump” in there, even when the story is about someone in his administration that has nothing to do with him. And it is certainly why the majority of Trump headlines are slanted toward negativity.

A recent example was when Donald Trump reposted a picture that news website, Daily Wire, had photoshopped of the president. The picture depicted the president pinning a metal on the hero dog that chased down terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

What did the liberal media do? They started slamming Trump for “posting a fake photo,” instead of the real photo which was celebrating the role that the military service dog played for America.

Catering to the audience and preaching to the choir

We also need to consider that most major media is controlled and/or owned by a handful of large corporations.

Corporate agenda takes precedence. News is controlled in ways that will not hurt these corporations or their financial interest. CBS once stifled a Nike story that would have revealed sweatshop conditions, but the story was stifled because Nike was sponsoring the network’s broadcast of the Winter Olympics.

Money comes first, news and the truth are secondary.

With corporate profits being foremost on the agenda, we have seen news reporting become specialized. Many news outlets are now either strongly liberal or strongly conservative, playing to their audience. In other words, they are preaching to the choir.