Men’s Summer Style Essentials: 5 Things You Need in Your Wardrobe

When it’s hot outside, focusing on summer fashion can seem downright impossible. Comfort in the extreme weather does – and should – take precedence over looking flash. However, you don’t have to appear stylistically challenged just because the heat index is high.

Climate change isn’t going away anytime soon, so you might as well stock your closet with appropriate attire. Here are some all-time acceptable options.


1. Chinos

Chino shorts are one of the most basic summer fashion staples – and we don’t mean basic in a bad way. These versatile shorts work for all sorts of various occasions and in countless settings. From beer gardens to beach clubs and beyond, chinos are a wardrobe essential that work.

Available in both loose and tailored fits, as well as a myriad of colors, there are options for all occasions.

2. Tailored Swim Trunks

When it comes to shorts, these are second only to chinos. Traditionally, men’s options were limited in terms of swimwear. You either had your baggy swim trunks or you had the cojones to, well, show those cojones off. Luckily, times and fashion have changed.

Now, with a little diligence, you can find swim shorts that look like stylish, tailored shorts. That gives you more bang for your buck, too. Many of these new styles can be easily mistaken for regular shorts. In other words, you can go straight from the beach to the bar – no changing (and no underwear) necessary.

3. No-Show Socks

Instead of completely going sockless (hello, blisters), no-show socks could be your new best friend this summer. Surprisingly, leaving your ankles bare can seriously help regulate your body temperature. If you want to avoid sweaty, itchy feet, forgo ankle or crew socks and look for the no-shows.

These often come in athletic versions, too, which are both lightweight and absorbent.

4. Moisture-Wicking Polos

When the occasion isn’t dressy enough to bother with a button down, but a t-shirt’s too casual, enter the polo. Polo shirts are a true summer classic and they work for pretty much any and all guys, regardless of age. Of course, they’ve also evolved over the years.

Now, these summer fashion staples can be found in all kinds of advanced, modern fabrics. There are plenty of moisture-wicking and terry-towelling options that’ll help keep you cool and dry in this monstrous heat.

5. The Plain White T-Shirt

Albeit humble, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with a plain, white tee. It’s timeless, classic, and obviously quite versatile, too. It’s pretty much the one super-practical thing every well-dressed man needs in his summer wardrobe, too.

It’s the basis for a plethora of looks. For a casual look, simply pair it with loose chinos and an unbuttoned shirt. Need to dress it up a bit? Tuck it into a pair of smart, linen pants and pair it with a lightweight sports jacket. Rebel without a cause? Just make sure to cuff your jeans.