N64 Classic Leaks Rumored

Nintendo’s mega-successful mini-consoles, the NES and SNES Classics, made a huge impact when they were released. The NES Classic, released in 2016, sold out nearly instantly.

The SNES Classic, released in 2017, had a larger supply but sold out just as fast. Now, rumors of a supposed N64 Classic are circulating. In fact, Twitter user Nacho & Pistachio has posted pictures they allege are leaks.

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N64 Classic Leaks: Real or Fake?

Many fans on the internet are divided over whether the supposed leaks are real. The Twitter account that posted them claims they were supplied by an unnamed Nintendo insider. The images contain what looks like an old-school N64 controller port that pops out to reveal the actual controller ports. This is a sticking point for many who say the images are fake.

However, this design was actually already seen on the SNES Classic. It also has a front faceplate that looks just like the original, and it also pulls away to reveal actual controller ports. That said, another criticism is that the console shown seems to have its faceplate angled in such a way that it wouldn’t be possible to plug controllers in.

Not If, But When

That said ,whether these (arguably convincing) leaks are real or fake, one thing is certain: there will be an N64 Classic. Sony announced that they are releasing a PlayStation Classic mini console in December, and Nintendo would be foolish to let their competition hog the 90’s nostalgia.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo were planning on a Holiday 2018 release window for a Nintendo Classic console. Whether the Twitter leaks are real or not, they do showcase how cool a mini-N64 would be. Frankly, we’d be excited just to play Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time again!

If the timing of other mini-consoles is any indicator, we could expect the N64 Classic this year. The NES Classic was released in November 2016, and the SNES Classic was released in September of 2017. If Nintendo sticks to the pattern of releasing Classic systems every year or so, we could expect the N64 Classic in the next few months!