Neighborly Advice:  Favors You Should Ask of Your Neighbors

One aspect you need to come to terms with upon reaching adulthood is how to get along with your neighbors.  Like them or not, you’re kind of stuck with them.  The thing about neighbors is that there are definite pros and cons, but generally it is better to be on good terms.

Because of this, let us offer you a little neighborly advice.  There are a few things you can do to help curate a good relationship with your neighbors, and having that good relationship can help you avoid some of the not so good aspects of dealing with neighbors in general.


A Little Neighborly Advice

1.  “Can I Borrow Some Sugar?”

I know this sounds so cliché, but it works and you and your neighbor might get a good laugh out of it.  It is an excellent excuse to meet your neighbors face to face if you haven’t done so already.  Meeting face to face is crucial.

This allows your neighbors to connect with you on a human level, which may allow them to forgive any future annoyances or disputes.  Just be open to letting them do the same in return if the need comes up!

2.  “Can You Watch My House?”

This is a must-do!  One benefit of living in a neighborhood is having a community to help watch your house and belongings when you’re out of town.  You can employ them to take your trash out to the curb, make sure nothing is amiss and keep an eye out for any packages.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it.  You don’t exactly want to load your neighbor up with a lot of chores.  They probably wouldn’t like that very much.

3.  “Can I Borrow Your Truck?”

Ok, this one will depend on you knowing your neighbor a bit more than the other questions require.  You might want to start small by asking to borrow a small tool here and there first, and always make sure to return it promptly when you’re done using it.

If you ever need to ask to borrow a truck, make sure you don’t abuse your neighbor’s kindness.  Often when people own a truck, they get hit up with this kind of question pretty often!  Whatever you do, make sure you return the truck in the same condition that you borrowed it in.  For bonus points, fill up the gas tank as a thank you.  They will definitely notice and appreciate the return favor.

4.  “Can You Help Me Move This Couch?”

This is another favor you need to be careful not to overdo.  It’s ok to ask a neighbor to help move a single heavy item of furniture, but try to avoid asking them to move in an entire truck load.  That’s what family and closer friends are for, or you can hire help.  But a quick job you just need a little extra muscle for?  Totally fair game.

5.  “Can You Teach Me…”

This is my favorite favor on the list.  If you notice that your neighbor is especially good at a hobby or is a skilled handyman, don’t be scared to see if he’d be willing to teach you a few tricks of the trade.  Chances are that your neighbor might love the opportunity to share his hobby with you, and it can be a great way to build a real friendship with them.

In the end, that is what truly matters where neighbors are concerned.  You can be there for each other when needed, and you won’t have to look too far for companionship.  Who knows – you might even meet a fishing buddy for life in the process!