Nintendo to Release Updated Switch Console in Q2 2019

A report by the Wallstreet Journal alleges that industry insiders have become aware of plans by Nintendo to release an updated Switch. The Nintendo Switch, which launched in March of 2017, came out the gate to astronomical sales numbers and near-universal praise.

However, throughout 2018 sales have trended below expected growth. Nintendo seems poised to change that.

Current Switch Hardware

Updated Switch Console Could Follow the Nintendo DS Example

An updated Switch console wouldn’t be unusual for either Nintendo or the game industry. The Nintendo DS received a facelift in the form of the DS Lite roughly two and half years after its original launch. Similarly, the Nintendo 3DS was updated several times over its lifespan.

Even at other companies, such updates are par the course. Sony released a slim PS4 two years after the original launched, and a PS4 Pro a few months after that. Microsoft has followed a similar path with their numerous Xbox variations, from Slim to 4K editions.

Better Screen, Thinner Console

Rumors have it that the updated Switch will more than likely possess a higher-quality, brighter screen. LCD screen technology has advanced at a prodigious rate since early 2017, as evidenced by modern smartphones. Additionally, Nintendo had to use lower-end LCD screens early on to hit production targets.

Famously, Nintendo squabbled with Apple and Samsung over factory time and supplies to create their Switch consoles. The system was continuously selling out and demand was hard to meet. The parts required to create Switch systems were the same as those used by Apple and Samsung, so bottlenecking occurred that throttled the supply.

Now that demand has died down and the Switch is in a more stable place, an update makes sense. Recapturing media attention and updating the console are both sensible moves. A brighter, crisper screen would be a good move for the company to keep their hybrid system relevant.

Thinner isn’t Better

We sincerely hope that the rumor about making the Switch thinner doesn’t bear out. The joy Con accessories fit cleanly against the siderails of the Switch. The Switch also fits snugly in the dock to connect to TVs. A thinner system would require all-new accessories, which would be very unfortunate for early adopters looking to pick up a new console.

Additionally, the Joy Cons are already very small. Making them any smaller would put them well out of the range of “cute and fun” and into “annoyingly small.” Hopefully Nintendo opts for a brighter screen, better battery life and a more durable kickstand when designing the new Switch. Either way, we’re excited to see what’s in store.