Red Flags Men Should Never Ignore While Dating

Here’s the thing about starting new relationships.  We are often at our best during those times and it isn’t always easy to filter out the good from the bad, but there are definitely some red flags you should be on the alert for.

Also keep in mind that your brain is working against you during this process too.  It’s funny how infatuation with someone can literally blind you from their bad traits.


The good news is that the following red flags are signs you can catch pretty early on in a relationship.  Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you!

Her Exes are Jerks

Be wary of a woman who thinks nothing of trashing her ex boyfriends.  Maybe they were indeed all jerks, but why is she telling you so early on?  If they were all jerks, what is it about her personality that seems to attract them?  And does that mean you’re also a jerk?

The most likely scenario is that she’s played a part in the relationships going bad and isn’t willing to admit it to herself.  Be careful with this one.  Relationships usually follow a pattern, so ask yourself if this is a pattern you want to get tangled up in.

She is Rude to Waiters

If you’re out on a date, pay attention to how she treats other people in service positions.  It can give you a great clue to what this person thinks of themselves, their empathy towards others and their expectations on how they believe they should be treated.

If she thinks so highly of herself that she treats a waiter badly, imagine how she treat you later on as she becomes more comfortable with your relationship.

She’s a Drama Queen

These ladies thrive on attention and love to swing from one emotional extreme to the other.  They are very impulsive and think nothing of trying to stir up a little controversy to avoid boredom.  There is actually a psychological disorder attached in some of these cases – histrionic personality disorder.

If you’re the type that enjoys drama, things may work out.  Otherwise it really isn’t worth it and you’re going to end up pretty miserable in the long run.

She is Never Wrong

If you find yourself arguing a lot with your lady friend or she seems reluctant to admit to any fault, you’d do best to run far away from this one.  The healthy response when someone has done something wrong is to take responsibility.

If a person goes on the defense and would rather get into a long argument, that isn’t going to bode well in the future if your relationship becomes more serious.

She’s a Princess

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s ok to treat your lady like she’s someone very precious to you.  The problem is when that lady has the expectation beforehand and there are no if’s and’s or but’s about it.  She acts entitled and expects to be waited on and revered, and if that doesn’t happen she sulks and becomes resentful.

You don’t want to spend years raising someone on a pedestal if they aren’t willing to share that pedestal with you.

She Flakes Out

It’s ok if people need to back out of plans every now and then, but if you notice that it is becoming a trend, be on the alert.  This is a sign of someone not giving much thought to interrupting other people’s plans over her own needs.  Even if she isn’t flaking out on you, notice if she’s doing it to others in her life – because you’d better believe she’ll do the same to you eventually.

Her Friends are Awful

Remember the old saying, birds of a feather flock together?  Pay attention to how she behaves around her friends and how they act in return.  She is likely comfortable enough to be herself around them and it can give you a good idea of any personality traits she might be trying to hide from you.

Not to mention that if you pursue a longer relationship with her, you might be seeing a lot more of her friends over time.  Are they people that you really want to surround yourself with?  Keep in mind that if she’s anything like them, you’re probably going to grow annoyed of her after a while too.