The Best Kinds of Hobbies to Mention at a Job Interview

There’s a lot of preparing that goes into a job interview. Most guys will spend a lot of time thinking about answers to work-history questions and work-related hypotheticals. But interviewers also want to get to know candidates on a more personal level.

When it comes to an interviewer asking about hobbies, you’d better have something better than “drinking beer and playing video games” as your answer. Read on to find out what kinds of hobbies are best to mention during a job interview to make the best impression.


Healthy Hobbies

Exercise and fitness related hobbies are always great to mention. Not only does exercise help manage stress, sports participation demonstrates that you are a team member. If you’re into tennis, golf, kickball – any team sports – be sure to mention that.

But be honest. You may find yourself on the golf course with your new boss and if you don’t look like you know what you’re doing, then you’re going to just look like a big fat liar.

Volunteering & Community

Do you coach your kid’s little league team? Do you deliver for Meals on Wheels? Build houses with Habitat for Humanity? Help out at the animal shelter? Any community or volunteer work is a must mention during an interview.

Of course, don’t play it up. Be humble and express your care for the community. Companies have a lot invested in their local community, so showing that you’re a good steward can help you land that job.

Easygoing Activities

Maybe you enjoy puzzles or fishing or reading? Although they may not feel like the most impressive hobbies to mention, they show a love for intellectualism and/or patience. They can also reflect your demeanor and make you seem like you’d be easygoing and comfortable in the office.

Hobbies that require attention to detail, like painting models, is also worth mentioning.

What Not to Mention

Saying that you have no hobbies is not an ideal answer unless you’re gunning for the kind of job that completely takes over your life (who wants that?). Watching television, napping, or other passive types of hobbies may not sit well with your future employer.

If you are a movie or television buff, then spin your hobby into something more active. Do you love movies because you want to write a screenplay? That sounds more active.

Clearly, leave out any activities that could be considered offensive or dangerous – partying, gambling or anything illegal needs to be kept to yourself.