The Men’s Guide to Subscription Boxes – Our Top 5 Picks

When it comes to getting monthly subscription boxes in the mail, why should women have all the fun? They shouldn’t, obviously, and that’s why there’ve been countless new subscription boxes for men popping up these days.

Some of them are actually pretty snazzy, too. Here are five of our favorites.


1. BirchboxMan

Just like the women’s subscription boxes, BirchboxMan comes with all sorts of new travel-sized grooming products to try each month. Birchbox man is also one of the best deals on our list at just $10 a month. (It’s even less if you subscribe for 6 or more months.) They’re also somewhat tailored to your grooming needs as well.

What they don’t include is clothing and accessories like some of the other boxes in our guide. (For $10 – or less – what can you expect?) However, they do offer some independently priced curated boxes that do offer socks and other goodies.

2. GQ’s Best Stuff Box

It’s a good bet you’re already familiar with GQ magazine. Well, they have subscription boxes of their own and it’s just $49.99 for your first box. These are more like the men’s version of a Fab, Fit, Fun box, as they’re offered quarterly instead of monthly.

They also contain lots of products, with a total value of over $200 in each box. They include accessories, full-sized products, gadgets, and more.

3. Bespoke Post

With Bespoke Post, boxes are $45 a month and you can pay as you go. Each box is packed with over $70 worth of cool stuff that goes along a single theme. If you’re not interested, you can pick up a box with a previous month’s theme or simply skip that month.

Since you get to preview each box, you can simply decide to pass if you aren’t into the goods. While retail values regularly exceed $100 for some boxes’ contents, the true value is what it’s worth to you. If you like trying out new lifestyle products each month, this is certainly a fun way to do it.

4. Sprezza Box

For a significantly lower monthly price than Bespoke Post, there’s Sprezza Box. It’s $28 a month and is always guaranteed to have at least $100 in retail value. Every month, you’ll receive a selection of men’s fashion items and grooming products.

Ties, watches, socks, and pocket clips are pretty common items you’ll find in these boxes. As such, it does have a tendency to get repetitive. Still, if you’re looking to expand your accessories closet, it’s not a bad deal.

5. Shaker & Spoon

Rounding out our list is a completely unisex box that we couldn’t leave unmentioned. Shaker & Spoon is $40-50 per month and provides you with all the necessities to make incredible craft cocktails. Well, everything but the alcohol anyway.

Each box contains ingredients for 12 cocktails – 4 of each recipe the provide. That includes the syrups, bitters, mixers, garnishes, and even the citrus. Each box works around a theme, so you’ll only need one bottle of booze for each box.