The Prison Workout: Getting Ripped Without the Hardware

Although the name might not have the best connotations, the “prison workout” can be done with no equipment. Obviously, it can also be done in a very small space because it’s meant to be performed in a prison cell.

This workout can help you break out of the gym routine or monotony and a huge time-saver. Here are just a few exercises that focus heavily on compound movements to get the most out of every rep.


Plyometric Star Jumps

The Star Jump is an important one because it kickstarts the entire regiment and works every muscle group. To do this, bend your knees until they’re parallel to the ground like you’re about to squat. Then drop your hands to your feet and forcefully jump up.

Do a few reps of this to prime your muscles for the other exercises.

Plyometric Push-Ups

Next, you’ll probably want to do a chest exercise. The Staggered Hand Push-Up is a variation of the push-up that’ll help improve your bench press. To do this, position like you would normally for a push-up. However, instead of having your hands in the normal position, put one forward and the other just behind your shoulders.

When explosively pushing up, make sure to put enough power to slightly lift your hands off the ground. While in the air, quickly swap your hands and in a controlled manner, lower yourself and repeat.

Side Plank Oblique Crunch

Every workout needs a good ab workout, and this regiment is no exception. The Side Plank Oblique Crunch focuses heavily on the core, but by adding a twist you work your obliques. To do this, lie on your side, with all your weight on your forearm. Next, place your other hand on the side of your head and raise your hips to maintain a rigid line.

Now here’s the twist: bend your lower leg towards your chest while bring your arm down to touch the knee. Engaging the sides of your abs is crucial for forming the desired 6 pack.