Theresa May Backed by 30 to 40 Labour Party Officials on Brexit Deal

Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister, is reportedly receiving support from “30 to 40” Labour Party officials on a Brexit deal. The Labour Party, which is currently the opposition party, has been against Brexit since the idea first started gaining traction in the UK.

The new deal that May has proposed will still result in the UK leaving the EU, but the deal will smooth over trade between the two.

Theresa May on Brexit Deal

The Brexit vote was highly divisive in the UK and resulted in a great deal of debate. The vote was put to a referendum, in which nearly all voting-age adults were allowed to vote. Leave just barely beat out remain, and so the UK began the process of separating from the EU. This process has been highly partisan and very divisive in the UK.

The most important part of the post-vote process has been the UK and EU coming to agreements over their “divorce.” These agreements include issues such as what will happen to trade deals, movement from the UK to the EU and what becomes of UK citizens living in EU member states.

Theresa May’s Plan

Theresa May’s cabinet has been trying to hammer out deals with the EU since the referendum vote. Complicating matters is the reality that many members of the cabinet have varying viewpoints on Brexit. A number of them actually oppose the move, while others helped lead the campaign to exit the EU. As such, the plan that has been drawn up is full on compromises on both sides.

Now, it appears that talks are nearly complete. The “divorce plans” that have been drawn up are receiving some key support from between 30 and 40 members of the opposition party. If these plans are okayed, it would allow for trade relations between the UK and EU to remain stable. Otherwise, if no deal is reached in time before the UK leaves, it could result in panic.

Analysts say that the UK leaving the EU with no clear trade agreements would panic investors and cause a rift to open in the West. UK trade with EU member nations would have to be overseen by the World Trade Organization. Suffice it to say, many in England have reason to vote for compromise to prevent catastrophe.