Uber 101:  The Rules of Ride Sharing

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the entire ride sharing scene or if every Lyft driver within 100 miles knows your name by this point – there are still rules and etiquette you should follow.  After all, it isn’t only the drivers that are being rated!

If you find yourself having problems with your trip request being accepted, there is probably a reason.


Don’t Make Drivers Wait

When requesting a ride, make sure you can be ready to go by the time they arrive.  Don’t request a ride when you know you’re still finishing up your meal or you’ve just stepped out of the shower.

While it’s true that drivers might get a small fee if they need to wait more than a few minutes, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to make them sit there waiting on you.  This is especially true if your location isn’t exactly parking friendly.

How Much to Tip?

Please tip your driver.  It might be easy to forget about doing so the second you leave the car, but that isn’t a good excuse.  Tip between 15-20%, and don’t forget to rate your driver too, especially if they arrived on time and provided good service.

Don’t Eat in the Car

Please don’t be the guy who basically brings dinner along for the ride.  Think about it.  Not only is it incredibly impolite, you’re basically stinking up the car for the next rider.  There is no reason you can’t wait until you arrive at your destination before you start noshing.

The same goes for drinks.  While drinks are more acceptable than food, you should still be careful to avoid messes.

Don’t Take Over

When using a ride sharing service, trust them to know how to drive and let them choose the route that is most comfortable for them.  Of course if you notice them taking a scenic route that will be costly you can speak up, but this isn’t something that generally happens.   Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Sit in the Back

The best place to sit in a ride sharing car is the back seat unless your party is too big to allow this.  Of course you can always ask the driver if you can sit up front if they don’t mind, but generally people are expected to sit in the back the same way they would do for a taxi.

If you do sit in the front, absolutely do not touch anything.  Don’t change the music or fiddle with the temperature.  Never forget that this is someone’s personal car.  It’s ok to ask the driver to make adjustments, however.  They are usually happy to oblige.